Shri Swami Samarth of Akkalkot, made his first appearance on 22/09/1856 at a temple of “Khandoba” in “Akkalkot” near Solapur district place in Maharashtra (India). He remained there for 22 years till 30/04/1878 and performed various leelas in “Akkalkot”. Prior to His Samadhi and shedding His mortal body form, he had declared, “I will not be gone but am very much alive” and to this, a number of devotees all over the world have actually experienced his presence at various places & occasions to feel Blessed.
Shri Swami Samarth indicated to one of his disciples from Pune, that he would manifest at a divine place 5 kilometers away from “RajguruNagar”, 50 kilometers away from “Pune”, on Pune-Nasik highway. This site is said to be the Lords own land and will be known as `TAPOVAN’ in accordance with the divine command. This land is the place of penance of “Shri Charpatinath” of the “Nath Sampraday” and the abode of “Shri Renuka Mata” and the resting place of “Shri Vithoba” of “Pandharpur”.


‘Shri Mahavtar Babaji’ born in 203AD in a small village 17km from “Chidambaram” by the name “Pirangipettai” in “Tamilnadu” state in South India. His real name was “Nagraj” but later known to the world as “Mahaavatar Babaji”. In the book, `Autobiography of a Yogi’ (ISBN 978-1565692125) by ‘Paramhansa Yogananda’, a detail account of the lineage of the Guru-Shishya parampara has been mentioned, (Shri Yoganand-Shri Yukteshwar-Shri Lahari Mahashaya- period is from 1828-1951) wherein numerous instances of the meetings of ‘Shri Babaji’ have been described.
‘Lahari Mahashaya’ had said,” anyone who utters Babaji’s name (“namsmaran”) with deep reverence, instantly attracts Babaji’s blessings. Another book published in Marathi by “Prasad Prakashan”, Pune titled, `Divya Sparshi’ (the biography of Dr. Ram Bhosale) mentions the privilege of having had the personal guidance of the Divine Babaji during the period 1942-1948 in the Himalayas. Dr. Bhosale passed away on 23-02-2005. “Mahavatar Babaji” has said I reside in your heart & not in the Himalayas or in temples. One step towards me will bring me ten steps closer to you. `TAPOVAN’ will have a `DHYAN MANDIR’ dedicated to Babaji.


The `Tapovan’ complex will consist of a temple dedicated to Shri Swami Samarth as `Swami Paramdham’. ‘PARAMDHAM’, the abode of the lord himself where-in once you reach one could feel a sense of having attained “Moksha”. “Bhagwan Krishna” had said it eloquently in “Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta” thus (Meaning: Having reached from where human beings do not return is my Supreme Abode, which neither the Sun, the Moon, nor fire can illuminate.)It’s like there is no returning to the mortal world, life after life as described by “Bhagwan Krishna”. (Salvation from the cycle of birth & death)
A ‘Dhyan Mandir’ of the Yogi “Shri MAHAAVATAR BABAJI”, whose abode is in the Himalayas and who is above 1800 years old. Even to this day, he has physically given darshan to number of devotees gives Visions and Blessings to His devotees and guide them spiritually in their quest for Moksha, i.e. Salvation. He has His abode – “Shri Gaurishankar Peetham” – near “Badrinath” Temple in the Himalayas.
The TAPOVAN will also consist of a `Navagraha mandir’, `Nakshtra Vatika’, ‘Goshala’, ‘Annachhatra’, home for the old (i.e. ‘Vrudhhashram’) and free medical facility for the economically weaker section of the society. The Lord himself will manifest in this holy land in all its mystical grandeur & there would be no need to go to the Himalayas or “Girinar” or the forests of “Shrishailyam” for penance.
In modern days (“Kaliyuga”) where no one can escape the tension of hectic life style to make both the ends meet, the only way to salvation & peace of mind is the chanting of the holy name i.e. Mantra ‘Shri Swami Samarth’. Shri Swami Maharaj has always emphasized on the performance of duties both material & spiritual world and strongly advocated the law of `KARMA’ which says `reap as you sow’. One is expected to perform his duties without expectations of reaping benefits / returns and perform duties as selfless offerings & total surrender from deep within to the Lord. Then He takes over the charge of your life ensuring protection, lasting happiness and wellbeing all through.
There are a number of devotees who continue to actually experience this Divine Bliss, even today. It appears that “Swami Maharaj” - the all merciful has decided to manifest for us so very near to Pune (in Maharashtra) to encourage & lead many more of us to “Moksha”. As per the Divine wish `Tapovan’ will be as an ideal place in terms of cleanliness, purity, & heavenly ambience with eternal peace to facilitate a seeker to progress on the holy path of inner peace & MOKSHA, NIRVANA!
For all these activities human resources are essential. We invite your suggestions, personal ideas, exchange of thoughts, latest information regarding ultramodern techniques of landscaping & construction of a temple. It’s a collective work offered at the lotus feet of Shri Swami Maharaj & Shri Mahavatar Babaji.


Situated on the Pune-Nasik highway, 5km from “Rajgurunagar”, `TAPOVAN’ is spread amidst scenic “Sahyadri” hills on the bank of a lake “Indira”. The forest & nature around, makes it an ideal place of meditation to seek the inner peace. It appears that “Shri Swami Samarth Maharaj” & “Mahavatar Babaji” have specially selected this place for the benefit of spiritual seekers who will not be able to make it to the far off Himalayas.


`Human Being’- the best of the Lords creation is today ridden with physical, mental & spiritual suffering. These sufferings are result of illusion (Maya) and result of bad “Karma” due to ignorance & definitely not due to any curse or evil spell as is generally attributed to be. The Lord - `Karunasagar’ (full of Love and Sympathy) as he is known to be, would never allow any of his devotees to suffer. It has to be clearly understood that the suffering is due to our `karma’ - deeds in the earlier births. The Supreme Being call Him, Allah, Ishwar, God cannot be confined to any one religion, caste, creed, sect etc. `HE’ cannot be held responsible for our sufferings as they are self-created from the previous births.
‘Shripad Srivallabha’, (incarnation of Lord Dattatraya) 700 years ago had said he would reincarnate in “Karanja” (Lad) as “Narsiha Saraswati” & after completing his divine mission in “Gandharvapur” (Ganagapur) would reappear in “Pradynapuri” (AKKALKOT) as ‘SWAMI SAMARTH’ for the upliftment of his devotees. Hence in Kaliyug the only means for “Moksha” is the chanting of His holy name (“Namsmaran”) `SHRI SWAMI SAMARTH’, whereby this cosmic energy generated can instantly respond to your call anywhere in the universe. ‘Shri Swami Maharaj’ is not only the incarnation of Lord ‘Dattatraya’ but also of Lord ‘Shiva’, Lord ‘Ganesh’, & the savior of the world Lord ‘Vishnu’. `HE’ has given darshan to various devotees in various forms which go to prove in the words of ‘Shri Manikprabhu’ that ‘Shri Swami Samarth’ is the MONARCH of an infinite number of galaxies & leader of all “sanyasis”.


Dr. Annie Beasant of the Theosophical Society had sent Col. S. H. Olcott to India in 1879 to study & understand the sages & spiritual Gurus of India, so as to share the information with the world. During his six months stay in Akkalkot he penned down a book `Seven Stages of Man’. This book contains the original photographs of ‘Shri Swami Samarth’ taken by the Kodak Company’s photographer. It was only after the Swami Maharaj’s biography was published in the magazine, `The Theosophist’ in 04/01/1880 by ‘Shri Damodarpant Mawalankar’ from “Baroda” (Gujarat), that the world really came to know `SHRI SWAMI SAMARTH’.
The cosmic energy that regulates this universe can’t be confined to the forms of the lord as we pursue by our five senses but extends far beyond the bonds of religion, sects, caste & creed, & geographical boundaries. There have been various instances wherein `Shri Swami Samarth’ or `Mahavtar Babaji’ have given “darshan” in physical form to devotees around the world & have materialized in response to their calls for guidance even to this day.



As per the tradition swami prakatdin ceremony was successfully done. This year, the chief guest was Mr. Michael Trembath (Australia). Aarti and pooja was performed by him. Along with Mr. Trembath other Hon’ble guest Shri Guruji, Mr. Narsinh Lagad, Mr. Shivdas Sarje were present.


Shrimati Sheelaamma from Devipuram in Andhrapradesh performed this pooja. Shrimati Sheelaamma has been performing this ritual from last 30 years. Beyond andhrapradesh this pooja was first performed in Shri Swami Samartha and Shri Babaji Math, Nanded city in Pune.

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